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About Bookingee.com
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The SDT.Bookingee.com  is a brand of  Bookingee.com  represented by Safar Doustan Tour & Travel Co.Ltd in Tehran, Iran.

The SDT.Bookingee.com  team is made up of highly motivated and experienced travel industry and  professionals sales officers .

We currently providing online B2B Access to more than 600 travel agency and tourism companies .

Frequent investments within the company means we are constantly growing and adapting to market demand, always offering that unique and powerful solution to our client.

Our headquarters is located in Tehran, Iran and we offer the best customer support available in this business.

 SDT.Bookingee.com  Reservation System

SDT.Bookingee.com is an innovative travel industry software providing fast and reliable booking engines to travel agents and tour operators by using the latest technologies and ensuring that the booking solutions perform outstanding.

SDT.Bookingee.com is a fully interactive online travel booking system which allows travel agencies/tour operators to book from over 430,000 hotels with large allotments and get instant online confirmation, Book lowest airfare from more than 650 national carrier airlines + 280 low cost carrier airline all around the world with auto ticketing process, Offering more than 4,800 standard and deluxe airport transfer services in over 120 countries and 1,000 airport locations.

Mission and Values

Our vision is to keep sustaining a profitable growth for our partners, customers and employees, to be respected for our world-class professionals and trusted with our clients’ most critical business challenges by providing them with one of the global leading software for the travel industry.

Combining a strong technological expertise and an intuitive comprehension of the software development insight with the continuous changing requirements and growth of the travel market, the management team has identified the need for a high-quality travel platform to allow complete operational automation of travel companies in a cost-effective manner.

Our goal is to create software that makes technical contributions for a large array of customers worldwide, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. We are looking to implement our cost reduction ideas and expertise wherever we will find openness in working with high-end technology.

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